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Be the best version of yourself
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Sarasota, Florida 34239

My Philosophy

My first priority is for you to look soft, natural and appealing. Just as with the use of make-up, achieving a natural look doesn't necessarily mean doing less of something. It means doing it with the aesthetic vision and the medical skill to achieve the most beautiful and enhancing result. As a professional artist I have been trained to study the whole face in three dimensions, then visualize it with its ideal proportions and features as opposed to simply "attacking" a particular wrinkle or fold.

In the 21st century, looking a specific age is no longer an issue because beauty is no longer the exclusive property of the young. Looking radiant, healthy and elegant is now an ageless gift that can belong to anyone. I have an "eye" for what will bring out the best in a face and the artistic and medical skills to make it happen. I believe that anyone, regardless of their appearance, can be helped to make the most of themselves and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

dr barbour

Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon,
Sarasota, Florida