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Wednesday, 05 November 2014 18:29

10 Signs You're Ready for a Facelift

1. You look in the mirror and see your mother...facelift
   -This happens not to be a good thing, as far as you're concerned.

2. Your skin is in reasonably good condition, but you're getting/have gotten jowly.
   -Gravity and an accumulation of fat at the jowl area are usually the major culprits.

3. Your skin is in reasonably good condition, but you're getting/have gotten a saggy neck.
   -Gravity, an accumulation of fat under the chin and/or prominent muscle edges (the vertical bands down the center of the neck) are usually the major culprits.

4. You realize that a facelift is about the contour of your face and neck and not about pulling out wrinkles.
   -See #2 and #3. Notice that we didn’t mention wrinkly skin as a culprit. Wrinkles are the result of a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. No surgery is going to put that collagen and elastin back. This is what lights and lasers are for, however the creases that result from the fat, gravity and loose muscles will be helped.

5. If you've been losing weight or are planning to lose weight, you're within 20 pounds of where you realistically think you're going to land for the long haul.
   -This is a slightly arbitrary number – we're all a bit different – but you certainly don't want to invest in a lift and then lose 50 pounds, because you may need another lift after that to look your best. Conversely, if you want to lose 50 pounds, but the reality is that you won't lose more than 20, you could be waiting forever.

6. You want to look refreshed and revitalized, but you're not looking to take off a specific (huge) number of years.
   -There are all sorts of little structural changes that take place over the years, not the least of which is that we lose about 20% of our skull volume over the course of our lives. Since on the face, every little millimeter shows (really - there's research that proves this), there is just no way that a 50 year old will ever look 20. But you no longer have to be a nymph to look absolutely gorgeous.

7. You're in generally good health and are confident that your family medical doctor would clear you for the procedure.
   -This eminently elective surgery doesn't happen unless you're healthy enough for it. A facelift does not qualify as a last ditch attempt to save your life, no matter how we may think of it.

8. You're moving up, moving on, starting a new page in your life, and you want to boogie into it looking your very best.
   -A good facelift is a real confidence-booster and should make you look just like you - the very best version of you.

9. But you realize that a facelift isn't a guarantee of The Fabulous Job, The Fabulous New Boyfriend, The Fabulous Husband -- and a Fairy Tale Life Forever and Ever.
   -Confidence really does start from the inside out. Cultivate your mind and your spirit as well as the body you're living in. Any modern physicist will tell you that we're all energy. Make it good and the rest follows.

10. You're willing to keep up/adopt healthy lifestyle choices and take good care of your wonderful self afterwards, so that this investment in yourself gives you years of rewards.

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