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Thursday, 02 October 2014 14:32

The BoTox Blues


This is a common – and certainly understandable – concern that newcomers to BoTox have expressed. Here’s the scoop:

For the majority of the muscles we treat, the aim is not to “freeze” the muscles but to relax them enough so that they don’t bulk up and create lines and furrows where they’re attached to the skin. Furthermore, we generally want to relax only those muscles that pull the face down and in (the sad, angry muscles), allowing the muscles that pull the face up and out (the happy ones) to stay strong and work unopposed.

There are some exceptions though. For instance, the muscle in your forehead (the frontalis) that raises your eyebrows and creates those horizontal furrows also happens to be the only muscle that keeps your eyebrows from sinking down to your kneecaps. Relax that muscle too much and you can look a bit Neanderthal-esque. An experienced doctor who knows what she’s doing will be able to find that “sweet spot” in terms of BoTox dosage and placement to relax the furrows without dropping the brow.

We can do some wonderful things with BoTox. If your doctor has an intimate knowledge of facial anatomy, a lot of experience and a truly aesthetic approach to the face, there never should be a compromise to your expressiveness. Also, find someone who is willing to take the time to assess your needs with you, explain their plan of treatment and follow up with you to make sure you’re happy with the result.

And remember, if you stumble into a bad treatment, it does wear off.

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This is a great question and the short answer is, it depends on where it’s going and who’s giving it. Most physicians who are experienced with replacing lost volume in the face are going to have their favorites of course, but different fillers have different attributes, and at least a small armamentarium is necessary to address the needs of different patients and different parts of the face in an individual.

Any injectable must be FDA-approved and must have been ordered directly from the manufacturer to avoid the disasters of “bootleg” products. Beyond that, the particular filler (or fillers) chosen is tailored to the individual’s needs. Then if the physician is skilled, ethical and has an intuitive understanding of facial harmony and proportion, the outcome should look entirely natural.

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