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Holly Barbour, Scene Magazine: Doctors on the Scene

holly barbour

Holly L. Barbour, MD

Oculoplastic and Facial Surgeon



“I was a fashion designer for
12 years before I went to
medical school. My orientation
has always been giving women
a sense of self confidence.”



With a fine artist’s touch, Dr. Holly Barbour creates beauty in her artwork, intricate jewelry and on her
patients’ faces. As one of only 500 fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Barbour
dedicates herself to facial rejuvenation grounded in the precise movements honed through her training
in ophthalmology and guided by her understanding of aesthetics from her fine arts education. “I really do
understand what a pretty face looks like and how to get there,” she says. “Any woman who ever has used
lipstick knows that half a millimeter can make or break the way a face looks, and sometimes that’s not
appreciated enough by patients or doctors.”

In order to create beauty, Dr. Barbour says a comprehensive evaluation of the face is important. “I must
do a face lift in three dimensions, and not in two dimensions where the contours of the face are flattened
out,” she said. She cites correction of deep nasolabial folds on either side of the mouth as an example.
“Sometimes people will get the folds injected with fillers and walk out happy because they are now flatter,”
she said, “but they are a secondary phenomenon. If you restore the natural pretty curve of the cheek where
you actually have lost fat, the folds will automatically be lifted. That requires artistic sculpting skills.”

As a woman of a certain age herself, Dr. Barbour believes she can relate to her patients and encourages
them to live a healthy lifestyle. She also strives to ensure her personal values come through in her work.
“Truth and non-violence are two cardinal rules I live by. I approach my patients on a very genuine level and
will tell them when I think they don’t need something,” she says. “I allow a lot of time with my patients. We
do a lot of hugging here.”

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dr barbour

Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon,
Sarasota, Florida

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