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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 00:00

For Beautiful Lips

...use lip liner to crisp up the lip line and make sure you keep the lip liner color natural.

Jane Iredale’s “Spice” is a great, almost universal shade, and despite its name, it’s not orangey at all. Keep a slightly softened point on the pencil. Create the line along the outer edge of the roll of the lip centrally and drop it a bit at the corners unless you need to create a little “smile” at the upper lip (Jill, our medical aesthetician, or I can show you how to do that, if you’d like).

The reason for this is that a young lip is high and narrow, while an old lip is collapsed and wide. Never extend the line out over the flat part of the lip, beyond the roll, or it begins to look clownish. Also, keep it out of the corners for the same reason, plus it’s aging.

Make sure your lip liner and lipstick blend seamlessly into each other so there’s no discernible line. Then take a tiny bit of shimmer and place it on either side of the center of the lower lip and smack in the center of the top lip. Blend any edges. The shimmer will do what a highlight on a painting does – it will bring it forward and give a lovely little pout to the lip while softening the color a bit.

Stay tuned. I’ll have another tip for you on October 14th!

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