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Non-Surgical Procedures



Pelleve is an advanced radiofrequency-based procedure that provides a painless and "no downtime" way to tighten and smooth the skin without needles or surgery. It also improves the contours of the face and neck. It's a wonderful invention and is best for people who do not have severe loss of elasticity of the skin. It is also a great insurance policy for the skin as it stimulates the formation of collagen, softening mild to moderate wrinkles by slowly heating the deep layers of the skin. Although the skin will often look better immediately, the procedures have a cumulative effect. You will usually see a difference after only one procedure, but a series of three to four about 3 to 6 weeks apart are recommended for an optimal result. Regarding maintenance, you can opt for periodic touch ups or come in when you feel you need a pick-me-up.




Microneedling is a simple but effective way to subtly rejuvenate the skin by making the texture silkier and finer, and it works beautifully for depressed acne scars.  It works basically on the same principle as a fractionated laser, but without the heat.  That said, the results are easily equal to or better than most of the fractionated laser treatments I’ve seen, most likely because the needles (with our technique, anyway) penetrate more deeply.  Three to 4 treatments approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart are recommended.  The treatments are generally comfortable with the use of an effective numbing cream, however if there is a particularly sensitive area, I can always give a little local anesthetic.  Another bonus:  They are significantly less expensive than fractionated laser treatments.  There is no downtime if you don’t mind looking a little sunburned for a day or two and then a bit flakey for several days after that.



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The HydraFacial feels like a spa treatment, but it’s serious therapy for your skin. It is given via a device with patented tips that deliver four therapies in four steps. The first step cleanses and exfoliates the skin. The second step is an acid peel with the strength tailored to your skin type. The third step performs extractions by vortex suction so that there is no trauma to the skin. The last step vortex-infuses antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to nourish and protect the skin. Red and/or blue LED light treatments may be added with this procedure. They will respectively stimulate collagen formation and decrease inflammation (red) and target the P. Acnes bacteria (blue) to help resolve acne.
Often, people will have the microneedling procedure done, immediately followed by the HydraFacial. The microneedling allows the HydraFacial therapies to penetrate the skin even more effectively.


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As we physicians have become more savvy about the process of aging, we have realized more and more that what was for years chalked up to "descent" actually is, in many cases, more about "deflation" or actual volume loss in the face. Properly placed injectable fillers can turn a simple office visit into a stunning rejuvenation of the face – one that you can get up and walk out with in just one visit! On the flip side, know that just as the tiniest slip of your lipstick or lipliner can throw off the entire look of your face, fillers are indeed a way of sculpting the face from the inside out, sculpting with no wiggle room for error. Every half-millimeter shows. It is absolutely imperative that the person giving the filler have the commitment and the passion, the artistic skill and the vision, first to know what a truly beautiful face looks like, and then to know how to get there without sacrificing your individuality. This is not done casually, but with a combination of inherent artistic skill, an "eye" and a true personal dedication to achieving the finest results possible for each individual. Radiesse and Artefill are fillers in the "long-lasting" category. It will restore the contours of your more youthful face, soften the creases, and actually effect the look of a lift in some areas of the face. Juvederm Voluma and Perlane are two of the longer lasting temporary fillers.



Botox has become the most popular rejuvenation treatment in the country, and now there is Dysport as well. Sometimes mistaken for wrinkle fillers, these are actually muscle relaxers which, when used properly, can have subtle but amazing effects on the face. The face is comprised of quite tiny aesthetic "units," and even subtle changes can demonstrate that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. In sophisticated hands where there is a thorough knowledge of the minutiae of the anatomy, results can transcend the mediocre and an actual rebalancing of the face can occur. In other instances parts of the face, for instance the eyebrows near the temples or the corners of the mouth, can appear to have been lifted slightly because the muscles that pull them down have been relaxed, allowing the muscles that pull them up to work unopposed.



NuFace represents a landmark discovery for anti-aging. It is the only hand-held micro-current device that is FDA-cleared for at home use on the face. It works by:
1. Stimulating the muscles for a higher, lifted contour
2. Stimulating collagen and elastin production in the skin for more resilience
3. Stimulating increased circulation and oxygen delivery to the skin for more glow
This compact little device will lift and tone your face in as little as five minutes a day, and results actually are apparent immediately. A bit skeptical, I called the company and told them that I wanted to try it myself before placing an order. (As my patients know, anything in my office that doesn't require sedation I've tried on myself and liked before ordering it for my patients.) The day I received it, I used it on the right side of my face first - and it definitely looked higher. I told myself that the right side is a bit higher than the left anyway, so I took a photo and then used the NuFace on the left side. The left then matched the right! Then I took another photo and compared the two. There was a distinct improvement and I called the company the next day. My patients love it as much as I do.



Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Having read peer-reviewed medical articles about this for three years (and lay articles which gave it the unfortunate moniker, "vampire lift"), I decided to look into it for my patients and to try it myself. This system uses your own blood (just a little from your arm) to rejuvenate your skin with an infusion of concentrated growth factors. It has a beautiful effect on the skin itself, as it concentrates growth factors in the face, another thing that we tend to lose as we get older. Based on "PRP", platelet-rich plasma, which has been used in orthopedics and wound healing for about twenty years, it is safe and natural. It is a great adjunct to fillers, particularly if one tends to need a lot of volumizing, and I've found that it works beautifully for several patients who just can't seem to hold onto fillers. The effect will be less dramatic than fillers, but the collagen it forms should last about two years.



Intense pulsed light (IPL) procedures are often described as photo-facials or photo-rejuvenation. The procedure is noninvasive and does not require any downtime. IPL is a high-intensity light (not a laser) that specifically targets brown spots and dilated blood vessels to remove them from the skin. Depending upon the specific spot or blood vessel, one or more treatments may be desired for complete removal.
A sophisticated computer helps regulate the wavelength and the depth of the treatment. While the light pulses target the brown and red discolorations, they also stimulate collagen formation in the skin, making it smoother and generally healthier. Many people have IPL treatments just to keep the skin looking its best, thus the term “photo-facial”.



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