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Thursday, 11 April 2013 16:20

I feel so uplifted!

Dear Dr. Barbour,


I am so exceedingly grateful, and I appreciate what you have done for me. There are no words to express how thrilled I really am! You gave me my face back! I feel pleasure in putting on my make-up and getting ready for the world again. I feel so uplifted!


The really odd thing too, is that no one knows except my husband and a few very close friends. I went back to work after a ten day "vacation" with a new hairstyle, and everyone thinks my new hairstyle makes me look younger. That's how natural I look.


Thank you and your entire staff! You all have been wonderful to me, and I appreciate your excellent care beyond words. When I had a concern, you were very understanding, and made yourself always available to take care of it. I'll be seeing you from time to time for a little enhancement here and there. Dr. Barbour, you are truly an artist, and I am so grateful to you for giving me back my face.


Most Sincerely,

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